Are you overdesigning?

Design is hard. Overdesign is easy.

Design is to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.

But we often think of design as “cool looking graphics.”

Something can look really cool, but leave you overwhelmed or confused.

The problem I see today is not a lack of design, but too much design.

Over-designed websites and bloated brand identities that overwhelm people.

Graphic and web design is meant to support the copy and the message, not the other way around.

Your copy does 80-90% of the lifting.

Design can get it to 100% OR get in the way and take it down to 30%.

Even the best copy in the world can fall on deaf ears with the wrong design.

Let’s look at an example:

Okay, yes, I went a bit overboard with ‘A’ 🙂

‘A’ is like the fast food of design. It looks cool, but leaves you overwhelmed.

‘B’ may seem “boring,” but it works.

Because it’s designed to work. It’s not just design for design sake.

It’s still branded, but not overdesigned.

The world needs less, not more. Simple, not complicated. Useful, not perfect.

So let’s reprioritize here. First..

1. Create your message / copy (words then design).

2. Create a simple brand identity you can stick to (hire someone, email me, or go on YouTube to learn how to do it yourself).

3. Create a few simple branded templates that don’t get in the way of the message.

4. Add your copy, tweak, publish.

5. Stay consistent (don’t wander).

Cool tools and templates (including AI) will try to pull you away from keeping it simple, consistent, and focused (which is what works).

Yes, your brand can and will evolve, but don’t let it wander.

Wandering results in:

  • An unrecognizable brand
  • An overwhelming / confusing brand
  • Identity crisis
  • Lack of trust
  • Inconsistency and a lack of momentum

Check out my latest branding and web project with Jason Moss.

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Stop wandering, keep it simple.

Thanks for reading.