Using AI to Grow, streamline, and automate your Brand

Leveraging AI is one of the biggest opportunities in human history. You're going to fall behind and lose your job.

Okay, now take a deep breath, because I’m being dramatic. But, this is exactly how I felt once I started to play around with it.

I was brought back down to earth by realizing that it’s just a tool. And someone needs to know how to use the tool. And the people that do may find themselves with a substantial advantage over those that don’t.

“AI won’t take your job, but the person using AI will.”

ChatGPT and other AI tools can be like hiring an overqualified employee to help you with almost every aspect of your business, but she’s available 24/7 and works for free. The one different is she needs a lot of hand-holding and direction.

AI can help with all areas of your business, from content creation, problem solving, marketing ideas, productivity, market research, and copywriting. But useful answers only come from the right questions. If you don’t know how to ask it the right way, it can be hard to get anything out of it.

Right now, it’s really noise out there. There are thousands of tools coming out and an endless stream of new AI information and content. It’s overwhelming.

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