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7 of my favorite sales pages

Because I’m a student of marketing, copywriting, and psychology, I am always observing what works. I have been saving websites, landing pages, and sales letters for years. Here are some of my favorite.

  1. I Asked 13,029 Women, “What Makes A Man An Amazing Lover? “Their Answers Revealed One Common Trait That Women CRAVE From A Man… (And No, It’s Not What You’re Thinking.)
  2. Making Friends With The Mind: End The War With Your Mind And Tap Into Relaxed Flow States
  3. The Copywriter Club Underground: An Exclusive Offer for Copywriters Who are Ready to Land their First 100 Clients and Grow to a Steady $10K a Month (or whatever your goal is)…
  4. The Napkin Challenge: In 5 Days, We’ll Build a “Cold Traffic Funnel” That Generates Customers From Scratch, Scales To Cold Media, And Is Simple Enough To Fit on a Napkin
  5. The Outsourcing Blueprint: Learn How To Free Your Time, End Overwhelm, And Grow Your Business. Learn how to effectively use freelancers to grow your business
  6. Your employees hate their job. *85% of employees hate their job. We’re changing this with the world’s first ever, AI-powered employee performance platform.
  7. How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year (one of my favorite copywriters who also wrote for the company in #6)

You can see that some use mostly video, some use mostly words, and some use a healthy mixture of both.

Either way, copywriting is required to tell a story, captivate the visitor, and convert them.

There is no one-size-fits-all, perfect cookie-cutter strategy for creating a great message and a high-converting sales page.

Remember the fundamentals.

Get the right people’s attention > do what they need to move forward.

Which is your favorite, why?

Email me 🙂