32 Silly Mistakes I’ve made in 32 years as a human

32 Lessons I’ve learned silly mistakes
I’ve made in 32 Years

  1. Taking things too seriously 
  2. Pretending I have it all figured out
  3. Not doing what I say
  4. Forgetting people’s names
  5. Not calling friends / family as often as I’d like
  6. Impulse spending
  7. Staying comfortable 
  8. Overconsuming information and forgetting to think for myself 
  9. Being too nice to other people and being a people pleaser
  10.  Saying yes too often and not honoring my time, value, experience, energy, body, mind, soul.
  11.  Being inconsistent
  12.  Not prioritizing sleep
  13.  Drinking too much coffee, not enough water
  14.  Scrolling social / YouTube too often
  15.  Not finishing what I start
  16.  Mindlessly checking email
  17.  Not asking enough questions
  18.  Overthinking everything
  19.  Not connecting with new people because “I’m an introvert”
  20.  Not saving as much money as I’d like
  21.  Not committing (1 foot in)
  22.  Forgetting to breathe 
  23.  Skipping my morning routine or rushing through it
  24.  Letting texts go unresponded to for too long
  25.  Sharing things before they are ready to be shared
  26.  Being impatient 
  27.  Comparing myself to others too much
  28.  Forgetting about the fundamental (the basics, the tried and true)
  29.  Winging it in business and branding (wasting time)
  30.  Not having a mentor or coach to point out bling spots
  31.  Trying to do it all on my own (no support, no community)
  32.  Moving too quickly

No one is perfect – but next year I want this list to be harder to complete.

See you then.

– Miles

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