No More Wandering Brands

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  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever opened Canva, threw some fonts and colors together, and called it a brand?
  • How many times have you changed your IG bio, website colors, or lead magnet?
  • How much do you struggle when someone asks you, “what do you do?”

There is no shortcut to building a brand. Everyone has something to say and something to offer. The difference is execution, consistency, and honesty.

It’s funny how even though we know “our thing” so well, we’re really bad at putting the words & the visuals in place to communicate it.

Most brands are confusing. What do you do, who do you help, how do I get started?

 Messaging is often vague and uninspiring.
Branding is usually noisy and inconsistent.
Marketing is typically bloated and passive.

I call these “Wandering Brands.”

Let’s play a game – You come across 3 brands.

Disclaimer: relationship building is not linear, but to demonstrate a point…

→ You’re scrolling through social media and come across an interesting post. You click on the profile, read the bio, and skim through the first 9 posts.

→ Brand A and Brand B are wandering brands.

→ Brand A doesn’t know who it is and why it exists.

→ Brand B knows who they are and why they exists, but doesn’t know how to communicate it.

Wandering Brand

A brand without a clear identity, message, and purpose – it’s inconsistent, changes frequently, and leads to distrust.

→ Brand C is a thriving brand. It understands and embodies its identity and purpose.

You read it in the story, feel it in the design, and engage with it because a strategy exists (direction).

Thriving Brand

Understands and embodies its identity and purpose. It has a story, design, and strategy that aligns. It’s familiar, consistent, and unique.

✍️ Story is artful communication without fluff.
🎨 Design is communication without words.
📈 And strategy is communication that works.

If you don’t know why your brand exists, who it is, and what it does, no one will trust you or buy from you. I did this for years…that’s how I know.

3 Branding Myths

Let’s Face the Facts

The ROI of branding can be huge.

A thriving brand connects deeper with more people, who share your message with more people (compound affect), who invest more money more frequently. Your content performs better, requiring less work, and more results.

Going alone will take a lot longer.

Hiring an expert with a framework that works can save you time, money, energy, and frustration. Think about how many brands gave up right beore a brand breakthrough because they wanted to do it alone. #nomorelonewolfsyndrome

Miles was a DELIGHT from start to finish, plus he’s a genius at his craft so I 100% would recommend him to a friend or hire him again to do my branding.
As a previous employee for two very large production companies, I can say that Miles’ work flow is incomparable to that of agencies. He’s an incredible listener, authentic, communicative & creative.
Whilst working with Miles we @TeamSatoCO were able to join together to uncover our company’s look and feel through his wide knowledge of branding.

I’m Miles (aka Stones, which is short for Milestones).

I’m a bro marketer turned ethical. I learned all the “tactics” then quit marketing altogether because it felt cringy and forced. 

When I came back, I decided to do it my way. By leading with heart and focusing on relationships instead of numbers. I quickly realized that branding is my favorite part of it all.

Particularly the visual / design side of things.

I love exploring the creative process, energy management, minimalist marketing, and powerful branding. I love playing the guitar, climbing, frozen mango, coffee, and a nice cold west coast IPA.

I’m from Austin, TX, lived in Denver for 4 years, and am currently seeing if I’m a “beach guy” in LA. 🙂

Listen to the Pod

The Subtle Art of Not Yelling

A bi-weekly podcast for creatives, introverts, artists, coaches, and entrepreneurs about growing a business without being the loudest on the block.


We assume we have no clue what we’re doing, so we go out and find “a step-by-step formula” created by some uber-successful marketing guru.

A year into your business and you’re banging your head against the table because you spent an hour creating a post on Instagram that got 6 likes.

You’re not that marketing guru. They’re an extrovert and you’re more introverted. Your business is also completely different. We forget that all we’re really doing is communicating. 

The main pillar of communication is authenticity. When we follow too many scripts and formulas, we start to chip away at authenticity, thus killing trust and momentum.

Sure, there are sales tips and funnel strategies, but they are a google search away and changing every day (maybe I’ll just go eat some hay down by the bay… I just may, what do you say?)


What we need is a simple and repeatable process that bridges the gap between the people you serve and the product that best serves them.

The rest takes care of itself.

What I Stand For

I stand for ethical, heart-centered, accessible, conscious marketing and business.

I stand for equality. I stand for social justice. I stand for an equitable society.

I stand for sustainability. I stand for the planet. I stand for animals.

I stand for women who’ve been held back, put down, gas lit and turned on each other. I stand for men who are lost, out of touch, and alone.

I stand for depression and mental health. I stand for brain health and longevity.

I stand for older generations who’ve been written off as obsolete (we’ll all be there at some point), and I stand for education.

What I Fight Against

I fight against bro marketing, toxic funnelinity, toxic masculinity/femininity.

I fight against clickfunnels. I fight against programs and gurus who say “this is the only way,” and “I’ve made millions, so can you!”

I fight against people who overpromise and underdeliver. I fight against people who are money only focused and see their clients as numbers, not humans.

I fight against complexity and bloated tools. I fight against dishonesty and inauthenticity. I fight against hype and buzz words.

Client Love



Cause let’s be honest . . . it’s all about me

  • To empower 500 introverted creators and entrepreneurs with the branding tools to build a thriving business they love. #nomorewanderingbrands
  • To eradicate bro marketing and replace it with ethical, human and relationship-focused practices that aligns with the energy of the creator and the customer.
  • To encourage people to finish what they start and create more art, less content, more work, fewer plans, and to get past limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism.
  • To help 500 brains transform from foggy to fit.
  • To transform our societal view of the elderly from old, to wise. From “obsolete” to “wealth of knowledge.” From forgotten to respected and taken care of.

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