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I help small businesses & coaches build a simple brand ecosystem that works.

There are too many wandering brands out there. Noisy, confusing, unorganized. Let us help you find your way.

The Framework

1. Story
Communication that resonates. To build a strong brand, you have to deliver a consistent emotional experience. This is why we return to our favorite brands over and over.
2. Strategy
North star: Where are we headed and how will we get there? Where do you fit in with your competition? Why do they choose you.
3. Design
External branding: Brand assets, rules, and guidelines will give your brand the unique and timeless look and feel it deserves.

When’s the last time you took your Brand in for a quick Health Check up? What’s your brand score?

There is no shortcut to building a brand. Everyone has something to say and something to offer. The difference is strategy, consistency, and execution.

It’s funny how even though we know “our thing” so well, we’re really bad at putting the words & the visuals in place to communicate it.

Most brands are confusing. What do you do, who do you help, why does it matter?

 Messaging is often vague and uninspiring.
Branding is usually noisy and inconsistent.
Marketing is typically bloated and passive.

I call these “Wandering Brands.”

Let's play a game - You come across 3 brands.

→ You’re scrolling through social media and come across an interesting post. You click on the profile, read the bio, and skim through the first 12 posts.

→ Brand A and Brand B are wandering brands.

→ Brand A doesn’t know who it is and why it exists.

→ Brand B knows who they are and why they exists, but doesn’t know how to communicate it.

Wandering Brand

A brand without a clear identity, message, and purpose – it’s inconsistent, changes frequently, and leads to distrust.

→ Brand C is a thriving brand. It understands and embodies its identity and purpose.

You read it in the story, feel it in the design, and engage with it because a strategy exists (direction).

Thriving Brand

Understands and embodies its identity and purpose. It has a cohesive story, strategy, and design. It’s honest, familiar, consistent, and unique.

✍️ Story is communication that connects.
🎨 Design is communication without words.
📈 And strategy is communication that works.

If you don’t know why your brand exists, who it is, and what it does, it’s hard to trust you. Without trust, sales are nearly impossible. I did this for years…that’s how I know 🙂

Is This You?

You’re wandering. Everything feels fragmented.

You don’t have a website that communicates a clear message and converts people. 

Your digital real estate is discombobulated.

It’s confusing, intangible, and lacks a true identity.

You may have some momentum, but brand obscurity is keeping your from growing – not to mention your lack of systems and processes.

We help personal brands, coaches, consultants, podcast hosts, and small businesses build a simple brand ecosystem. We specialize in brand identity, strategy, and web design to tie it all together.

So that when people come to your website or interact with your brand, you can trust that it looks and feels like YOUR brand (not a hodgepodge of random templates).

Turn your wandering brand to thriving brand

Brand Blind Spots


Marketing is easier for people to grasp, thus easier to sell. We’re told on a daily basis that xyz marketing strategy will bring you tons of leads and solve all your business problems. The blind spot here is that when you’re branding is off, no amount of marketing will work.

You have a business, not a brand

You have a business, which is cool, but you haven’t created perception. You haven’t built a specific and identifiable identity that people can have an opinion about.

You need to know who your brand is, why it exists, who it serves, how it communicates, and what it looks like. Until people relate to your brand like they do a person, you’ll simply own a business.

You're wandering

Your brand is like a serial dater who’s too afraid to let people in to who they really are (lol). You’re either too vague and boring, or you change too frequently.

It’s likely you just need to clean things up a bit and commit. You probably have some momentum, but you’re inconsistent with your message, your content, your design. But it’s all good, you’re here for a reason.

The Facts

Attention spans aren't high...

People need to see your brand at least several times (sometimes far more) before they take action or remember it. This means your brand must stay focused and create a consistent and memorable brand presence across various channels to increase the likelihood of brand recall and recognition.

The roi of design

Work smarter, not harder. The right message paired with the right visuals will stand out and stick in the minds of your audience. Resonate deeper with more people, who share your message with more people (compound affect), who invest more money, more frequently. Your content performs better, requiring less work, and better results.

We process visuals faster than text

60,000x faster to be exact…let that sink in. And while faster is not always better, it’s important for the fast-paced brains of today’s world. Visuals help earn and hold attention. It starts with your message, but design is the velcro. The right words combined with branded visuals will be remembered and shared.

Design is hard, overdesign is easy

So many tools, templates, colors, fonts, icons, and cool visuals..how do you choose. How do you stick with only a select few? The problem I see today is not a lack of design, but too much design. Over-designed websites and bloated brand identities that overwhelm people. Even the best copy in the world can fall on deaf ears with the wrong design. The world needs less, not more. Simple, not complicated. Useful, not perfect.

Do You Have:

Brand Story

Who is your brand and how did it get here? How does it sound and what does it believe in? Who does it serve, what does it promise, and why should you care?

You need a brand story, broken down into easy to share pieces, that allow your brand to spread far beyond you.

Brand Strategy

Where are we headed and how will we get there? A north star. A vision. A plan. Where do you fit amongst your competitors? What can we learn from them and how can we differentiate? Why do they choose you over them?

Brand Design

A brand identity. Visual assets that stand out. Rules and guidelines that keep you from wandering. A unique and timeless look that you’re excited about.

“Design communicates your message without words.”

Hi, I’m Miles

Brand Architect and cohost of The Subtle Art of Not Yelling Podcast.

I’m an ex-bro marketer. Like many, I learned all the “bro tactics” and then left marketing altogether after 7 years because it felt cringy and forced.

When I came back, I quickly realized that most people don’t have a marketing problem, they have a branding problem. Marketing won’t work if you have a wandering brand.

Today, I help brand get clear on their story, strategy, and design to craft a simple and scalable brand ecosystem. I specialize in brand identity, strategy, and web design.

I cohost ‘The Subtle Art of Not Yelling‘ with my pal Bill. A weekly podcast for creatives about the creative process, finishing what you start, and building a business without yelling.

We also have a community for creatives and entrepreneurs called The Box, where projects get finished.

I’m from Austin, TX, lived in Denver for 4 years, and am currently seeing if I’m a “beach guy” in Hermosa Beach, CA. 🙂

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You take your car in to be serviced. You take your body in for a health check up. Why not your brand? Find out where the gaps are & what to focus on next.

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